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custom order as you want

custom order as you want
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Product Description

Design your custom order as you want.

Detail according to email record.

Each order may apply to different price since custom order is different.

For make a bid, If your order price is $300 then place an order with 3bids.  that is $100x3=$300.

$500= $100 x 5 , you need bid 5.

$600= $100 x 6, you need bid 6.

for other bid, just place order like as the example shows. If you need to pay some amount like $399, how to make it?

just bid 4 and that is $400, we will return you $1 for change.



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User Question and Reviews
Hi I'm after a guitar Jim root jazzmaster can you reproduce and at what cost ?
    2014-10-08 17:50:34
I will send you an email,please check it later.
2014-10-09 09:15:23   Administrator: yoyo  Reply
what is the price of a single neck guitar, style explorer like the esp'with 24 or 22 frets ?
    2013-11-08 05:51:34
the price is different depends on which one you want.
2013-12-01 00:59:56   Administrator: guitarofchina  Reply
Hi, how much would a PRS Double Dragon 6 and 12 string cost, and what is your shipping cost to Greece? thank you.
    2013-10-30 03:06:52
it is around $500
2013-12-01 01:01:23   Administrator: guitarofchina  Reply
Can you make a PRS DoubleDragon copy and if so how much with case.
    2013-10-02 03:30:15
yes, please email us detail
2013-10-17 21:56:12   Administrator: guitarofchina  Reply
Hello, I'm looking to buy a double neck guitar, one of the necks is fretless(ebony), the other one is normal 6 string(rosewood). Full mahogany body, one piece necks and bodies, can you make something like that? If you can how much does it cost approximately? Thanks.
    2013-08-29 17:01:16
Dear we can make the double neck guitar as you like. please send us photos for the type you want, so we may estimate the cost.
2013-09-21 16:41:58   Administrator: guitarofchina  Reply
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