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RMB Raise price in the year
Guitar of China 2010-04-23

Guitarofchina Will fully raise the price of products soon in this year. due to the news of  RMB expected to raise the exchange rate.

It has been reported recently that there is widespread news about the expected appreciation of Renminbi ("RMB"), pointing out that the mainland government will adopt a more flexible exchange rate policy by way of widening daily trading range for the exchange rate of RMB to allow gradual appreciation of RMB; and the mid-rate of RMB's exchange rate against the United States ("US") dollar has repeatedly reached record high since last year, and the three-month and one year Non-deliverable Forwards on the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar had for one time increased by 1% and 3% respectively.There have even been comments that RMB is expected to appreciate by 3% to 4% and by a total of 5% within a year. 

if you want to buy a guitar in a cheaper USD price, please place your order as early.