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Free Shipping D45 acoustic Dreadnought guitar natural Solid
Guitar of China 2016-08-16

The D-45 Dreadnought is the flagship model of the Standard Series. It is the most ornate Standard Series instrument, featuring hand inlaid pearl and premium tonewoods. The guitar of choice for legends like Gene Autry and Stephen Stills, it’s the perfect guitar for a discerning collector or musician. Nothing says you’ve arrived like a D-45.

I've been a collector of fine guitars for the last couple of years and have sought to try and obtain the best guitars a person should have in their arsenal that would cover the main guitars, i.e., the Gibson Les Paul Standard, the G&L Asat deluxe, Fender Select Series Strat, Taylor 814ce, etc. On the list of every serious player and/or collector should be the martin D-45. Obviously a pre-war model is out of reach for us mortals but this standard D-45 is absolutely amazing. I'm not kidding, it seems like a magical tool that creates a spiritual experience when played. I got this from last year and my sales rep Kiki personally picked this out for me and even shipped it with humidifiers inside, per my request (I live in the dry Wild West). Kiki is awesome and knows what he's talking about and does follow-up calls periodically to ensure everything is working out.
Back to the guitar... This is a once in a lifetime instrument that will last for generations and make a great heirloom. It's bass-response is beautiful, the body resonates with angelic tone, and the looks, well, this is a work of art. Hours of hard work and tedious and professional effort built this instrument. It's expensive but worth every penny.
Am I rude for not allowing anyone to play it? No. I would never forgive myself for letting them play it if it were damaged. I've joked that if I don't have kids one day, whom I could pass this on to, I want this buried with me. If I became bankrupt, destitute and homeless, this guitar would move to the streets with me. Purchase one of these if you can!

Now ,short introduction of this Martin D-45 standard series .

Product Description:
A combination of excellence and beauty, together with an extremely limited production, has given the D-45 Martin guitar a position unique in the history of American-made guitars. This prestigious guitar has become the most sought after and the highest valued steel-string guitar in the world.
The solid woods chosen for each D-45 represent the optimum selection for tone quality and aesthetics. Style 45 is the most ornate style of the Standard Series guitars. Each piece of abalone is hand filed, mitered and fitted into the inlay on the top, sides, back and rosette. The body, neck and headstock are bound in white boltaron. The traditional C. F. Martin block letter inlay adorns the headplate, and large hexagons designate the fingerboard positions. Gold-plated enclosed tuning machines are standard on this elegant model. D-45 top X bracing is hand scalloped to maximize the vibration of the soundboard. The neck is meticulously fitted to the body using a traditional dovetail neck joint.