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Martin Standard Series D-45 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Dave 2016-08-17

Martin Standard Series D-45 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Fantastic!!!how do I make this clear. First of all, an acoustic guitar is really just a mirror

made out of wood;l in other words, whatever you can do, IT will do. I've been

playing almost 30 years and can tell you that learning to play steel-string is an

EVOLUTION. An evolution of your taste, your ability, but also it's a continued

undestanding of what makes a guitar sing: Voicings and strings. Without all

these things you cannot evolve.

What a martin brings to the table (ESP the D-45) is the vehicle to make these

expressions in my opoinion. For example, I play the same thing on 2 guitars and

one of them is a D-45 -- THAT is where we should begin the review, a

comparison to a baseline variable.

I've owned both old klunkers and nice steel string guitars. But it wasn't until late

'07 that I had the dough to lay down on a Marty. I went with a D-42 for econ

reasons (about 3400.00 at that time). She was a beut' ... However, a few years

later I went into the shop and test drove a new D-4 and let me tell you there

was just NO comparison there.... NONE.
The D-45, when put together correctly and set to go is about as close to driving

a Ferarri Enzo as a working-class guitarist can ever get. She was so fast, and so

bright, big, and loud it was jaw-dropping -- not only for me, but for several

others in the sound room, no kindding.

I decided right then and there I would lay down the money to get her. And only

this particular one, too. Each one is different. YOU MUST SHOP and COMPARE.

This is the nicest guitar I've ever played in my life..... Endless enjoyment is hard

to put a price on.